The search for an awesome Flappy Bird replacement

Posted by Harshad

The search for an awesome Flappy Bird replacement

The search for an awesome Flappy Bird replacement

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 04:53 PM PST

(Credit: CNET)

Flappy Bird enjoyed phenomenal success in just over a week, only to be taken down from the App Store on Sunday.

The gaming concept for Flappy Bird couldn't be more simple. You simply tap your screen to flap as you guide your bird through the spaces between pipes to get a high score. Though it sounds simple, the game is surprisingly difficult, which is what got so many people addicted to trying to break their high scores. The graphics are not impressive, but the game has solid physics and just enough polish that you don't mind.

Unfortunately, if you didn't get the game while it was available, one of your only options is to download one of many knockoffs that have sprouted up, so I've put together a collection of Flappy copycats for iOS to fill the demand. None of them measures up to the original, but they are not completely without redeeming qualities. Here are some Happy Bird replacements that I've ranked worst to best.

For those of you with Android phones, the copycat options are downright staggering.

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