Star Apps: YB

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Star Apps: YB

Star Apps: YB

Posted: 19 Feb 2014 04:50 PM PST

With explosive drums, fuzzed-out guitars, and Wolfmother-style vocals, YB's first English-language single "Cigarette Girl" might finally break YB in the West. While already regarded as the Bon Jovi of Korea, YB have not made much of a dent stateside (unless you happened to catch them at one of their sold-out NYC performances in 2006 or at their acclaimed SXSW showcase, in Austin, back in 2007). Under new manager, Doug Goldstein of Guns N' Roses, Danzig, and Blind Melon fame, they just might make it here after all. As YB prepared for their first U.S. mini-tour in seven years, frontman Do-Hyun Yoon chatted with me about "Cigarette Girl," breaking through in the U.S., partying with Psy, and his top five apps.

YB is jumping for your love.

(Credit: Lesley Z Media)

You were the first Korean rock band to play SXSW, back in 2007. Were you surprised at how much love you received from critics and audiences? Yeah, very surprising! No doubt at all, it was very special for us because we were the first Korean rock band to play SXSW. Everything felt very unpredictable before the show, but so many Korean fans came along, so it was packed. Even out on the street during the show, there were lots of people, including a lot of Americans, who were curious about us.

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