Apps of the human heart

Posted by Harshad

Apps of the human heart

Apps of the human heart

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 02:27 PM PST

To those who say that they don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because it's more about consumerism than romance, I say, "That's why you're on your way to a lonely life at the convalescent home." Valentine's Day isn't just about gift-giving or an expensive night out. What matters most on Feb. 14 is what these gestures represent: love and appreciation. With that in mind we've compiled a collection of Valentine's Day-themed apps to help you express these sentiments without sacrificing any of your convictions or all of your money.

Be Mine

Here's my card. Create your own with Be Mine.

(Credit: Screenshot: Josh Rotter)

Even if you're not artistic, you can still create an eye-catching card with Be Mine. Just load the app and scroll across the top Nav to choose your background. Then scroll along the bottom Nav to select one or create your own with the in-app camera. You can then decorate your card with an assortment of hearts, cupids, lips, and more. Finally, add your romantic sentiment in a variety of styles and your missive is ready to save or export via e-mail or social media.

Love Quotes! - Romantic Poems

Trade in those tired greeting card sayings for something a little more authentic.

(Credit: Scr... [Read more]


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