40 Creative iPhone Wallpapers To Make Your Apps Look Good

Posted by Harshad

40 Creative iPhone Wallpapers To Make Your Apps Look Good

40 Creative iPhone Wallpapers To Make Your Apps Look Good

Posted: 18 Jul 2012 02:50 AM PDT

Fancy a nice new wallpaper for your iPhone? Then you may like today’s post. Whether you are a fan of grid backdrops, app-shelf designs or wallpapers that just scream personality, you’d be able to find one that’s just right for your iPhone in this list. If you don’t like restricting your apps to shelves, you can also go for smooth line-free backdrops like the ones featured near the end of the list. Unlike how it is with desktop computers, there is little space for a wallpaper to take centre stage on an iPhone due to the limited screen size.

Thus, designers have to use other ways to make wallpapers stay relevant for smartphone use. And this is what we are trying to feature in this list. Here are 40 cool and creative wallpapers you can put on your iPhone homescreen.

Icons Skins 2 – Icons Skins 2 is an iPhone app which consists of 42 best home screen backgrounds that best fit your app icons and you can clearly read all app labels with 960 x 640 retina resolutions.

Icons Skins 2

Shelf Backgrounds and Wallpapers – An iPhone app with 1,000+ shelf backgrounds for your home screen. You can even customize your own home screen with 450+ glow effects, including 24+ Christmas glow effects.

Shelf Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Blueprint – Makes it look like we’ve got the actual blueprints to the first design of the iPhone interface.


Fresh Touch – A set of high-definition wallpapers which will turn your iPhone into a garden shed.

Fresh Touch

Hanging – Let’s hang your iPhone apps out to dry with this funny iPhone wallpaper.


Snazzy – Snazzy wallpaper turns your iPhone home screen colorful.


Doodle Jump – Feeling like going back to school? Get this ‘recycled paper’ wallpaper for your iPhone.

Doodle Jump

Pirate Parrot – There’s a pirate, erm… a parrot, erm.. a Pirate Parrot on my iPhone homescreen!

Pirate Parrot

Pencils – Another back-to-school feel on your iPhone. Pencils anyone?


Fire And Metal – She may Set Fire to the Rain, but I’m setting fire to my iPhone with this cool wallpaper, complete with oil stains.

Fire And Metal

Screws & Bricks – Back to the garage.

Screws & Bricks

Screws & Wood – What about screws and wood? Yes we have it too.

Screws & Wood

Liege – Notes anyone? This wallpaper turns some of your app icons into sticky notes, just don’t try to pull it out.


Kitsch – Picture perfect iPhone wallpaper for the ladies.


Dota 2 – Lets get the DotA feel right there on your iPhone homescreen.

Dota 2

Fabric – Get Fabric, the simple wallpaper with a fabric feel for your iPhone homescreen.


TRON – TRON adds the blue neon border to your app icons.


TRON – Light Bikes – Like TRON? Here’s another one with Light Bikes!

TRON - Light Bikes

Neon Arrows – It’s almost like a Live Wallpaper without the battery-draining bit.

Neon Arrows

Nano Tubes – This wallpaper invades your homescreen with microscopic tubes to house your app icons.

Nano Tubes

Grid – Grid adds numbers to your app icon box, makes it look elegant.


Zelda – Get Zelda on your phone. Not the game, the homescreen wallpaper!


Pac-Man – It’s Pac-Man running around on your homescreen!


Donkey Kong – Remember Donkey Kong? Yes, now it can be a wallpaper for your iPhone. Sweet?

Donkey Kong

Dig Dug – Lets add another old-time favorite game to the home screen, Dig Dug!

Dig Dug

Super Mario Brothers – Half expecting to see Mario jump around in the screen anytime now.

Super Mario Brothers

Christmas – Is anyone hearing jingle bells in the background when they see this?


Red Couch – Mood lighting and red leather couch, like ‘the stars’ green room.

Red Couch

Cooliog – Cooliog adds lighting to your app icon area.


Pirate – Rather than rum and beer on these shelves, they house apps instead. .


Wood Shelves – A sturdy wood shelf for ‘heavier’ apps. Get it?

Wood Shelves

Spargetts Shelves – If Plastic and Metal is too mainstream for you, why not go back to nature with some awesome wood work?

Spargetts Shelves

Splash – For the iPhone owners who want some colours in their devices and don’t mind a mess!


The Toolbox HD – Love red? The Toolbox HD has bright red shelves to leave your apps on.

The Toolbox HD

Shelf – Red too hot for you? Then go for this wintry white app-shelf wallpaper instead.


4Shelves Wall – Here’s an interesting trophycase app shelf that you would love to put on your homescreen. You may even feel like leaving a row empty just to show the effect.

4Shelves wall

Rows – The lines are subtle but they are not app-containing, and you’d hardly notice that they are there.


Bookworm – Prefer a leathery backdrop for your iPhone 4? Try this wallpaper, designed by Kyle Gray for the iPhone 4 homescreen.


iPhone 4 Texture Wallpaper – The iPhone 4 Texture wallpaper consists of brown, grey, brown without lines and grey without line backdrops.

iPhone 4 Texture Wallpaper

Grungy Walls – Grungy Walls gives your iPhone a heavy metal feel. It works with all iDevices.

Grungy Walls

For more wallpapers, check out our range of free wallpapers released on the site.

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50 "Hand-picked" Beautiful Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 12:11 AM PDT

For this post, we are showering you with handpicked premium responsive WordPress themes. If you have a budget to work with but prefer to work with final solutions rather than get a designer to build from the ground up, take your pick from the 50 awesome themes you see below. This also works if you’re just looking for an idea, a workaround or just something to refill your inspiration bar.


To aid you in this, we’ve displayed the themes both in the full site form and in its mobile layout so you can get an idea.

However, it’s more fun to just check out the demos to see the full features of these themes. From sleek to funny, business to casual, minimalist to ‘this screams my personality’, this list of themes will be sure to stimulate your web-design senses to the max.

DailyJournal [ Demo ] $39


Cleanr [ Demo ] $37


Breakout [ Demo ] $37


Bizco [ Demo ] $39


Gigawatt [ Demo ] $60


Funki [ Demo ] $39


Fluid [ Demo ] $59


Flexible [ Demo ] $39


Everest [ Demo ] $37


Mindful [ Demo ] $49


Merchant [ Demo ] $42


Infinity [ Demo ] $49


Hero [ Demo ] $49


PhotoTouch [ Demo ] $39


Olya [ Demo ] $42


Notes [ Demo ] $39


Reveal [ Demo ] $49


Clean [ Demo ] $39


dePosito [ Demo | EUR39


Uber [ Demo ] $49


Respond Premium [ Demo ] $45

Respond Premium

Whitelight [ Demo ] $42


Trim [ Demo ] $39


Sterling [ Demo ] $45


Slick [ Demo ] $45


Coraline [ Demo ] $35


Aware [ Demo ] $45


Audiology [ Demo ] $45


Angular [ Demo ] $50


Kraken [ Demo ] $45


Knead [ Demo ] $35


HyperGrid [ Demo ] $40


Grizzly [ Demo ] $40


Next [ Demo ] $45


Lucky Times [ Demo ] $35

Lucky Times

Rime [ Demo ] $50


Notebook [ Demo ] $40


Size Mttrs [ Demo ] $40

Size Mttrs

Wumblr [ Demo ] $39


Zig Zag [ Demo ] $45

Zig Zag

Persona [ Demo ] $79


BOOSTERIUS [ Demo ] $35


Sensational [ Demo ] $35


Playyo [ Demo ] $29


Incidental [ Demo ] $45


Prospector [ Demo ] $50


Praenoto [ Demo ] $35


WowWay [ Demo ] $45


William [ Demo ] $40


RSW [ Demo ] $45


More, more!

We’ve covered both free and premium themes powered on WordPress; it’s time to move on to another platform!

Stay tuned.

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How to Customize Google Plus URL [Quicktip]

Posted: 18 Jul 2012 03:14 AM PDT

Let’s cut to the chase: Google Plus does not provide you with a username (or vanity) URL for your own profile page. Instead, they are using the standard (long) ID in the URL to link visitors to your page. There is no such link as http://plus.google.com/username and so it’s hard to tell your friend your direct link by mouth.

Google Plus GPlus

Memorizing the long URL is a bad idea, so to direct people to your profile page, you will need to prepare a hyperlink or an icon on your website, or send via link email so they can click on it and link to your Google Plus profile page. Such a hassle.

Well, be hassled no more, with the help of GPlus. GPlus is a simple web app that will let you choose your own username and give you a short, custom link gplus.to/username for your Google Plus profile page. Here’s how.

Customize Google Plus URL with GPlus

Just before you start, go to your Google Plus profile page and copy your ID from the URL. Your ID is as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Google ID

Once copied, go to the GPlus homepage, enter your desired username and paste your Google Plus ID, then click ‘Add‘.


After you click add, GPlus will provide a personalized URL to your Google Plus profile page, and this link is now yours.



GPlus is not associated with Google Plus, therefore the link provided is just a redirect link and not exactly your Google Plus vanity URL. But now when people ask you how to get to your Google Plus profile page, you can just tell them to go to gplus.to/username. This is definitely a lot easier than a cumbersome long ID. Have you claimed your username yet?

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