35 Facebook Timeline Covers of Successful Brands For Your Inspiration

Posted by Harshad

35 Facebook Timeline Covers of Successful Brands For Your Inspiration

35 Facebook Timeline Covers of Successful Brands For Your Inspiration

Posted: 23 Jul 2012 09:26 PM PDT

The introduction of the Facebook Timeline feature for brands caught the eyes of almost all brand marketers who then came up with new and creative ways to attract more visitors through their fanpage. One of the best visual way to do so is with a creative Timeline Cover. While personal users use it to show their favourite people, places or to showcase their creativity, brands are putting the space to good use to promote their products, campaigns, latest offers and updates.

It gives us a great opportunity to learn from their design and marketing strategies and to benefit from the way their approach their branding techniques. To illustrate this, feast your eyes on 35 creative and inspirational Facebook Timeline Covers as used by brands. While going down the list, note your favorite and share your choice with us in the comments section. If you have other cool and creative timeline covers for brands to show us, drop us the link.

AmsterdamPrinting. What better way to sell your products than to let your products sell themselves?

Apple. Apple showcasing their golden product in black and white.

AT&T. AT&T’s Facebook fanpage thanking their 2 million customers who like their service.

BaconHotSauce. Only a few companies can make effective use of humour for branding. Here’s a great example.

Ben & Jerry’s. The official fanpage cover photo of Ben & Jerry’s, popularly known for making the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way.

Billabong. Just look at the stunning timeline cover of the official Facebook fanpage of Billabong, which covers surfing, skating, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

BMW. The official Facebook fanpage of BMW making perfect use of their cover photo to advertise their latest release.

Builders’ Merchants News. An amazing timeline cover photo of the premier merchant magazine, Builders’ Merchants News.

Coca-Cola. The innovative timeline cover of Coca-Cola potraying a collection of stories of people showing how they have helped it become what it is today.

Dove. Dove’s latest timeline cover photo featuring fresh-faced models. No make-up required.

Dolce & Gabbana. Simple yet elegant.

Dr Pepper. A unique timeline cover of Dr Pepper, "Always One Of A Kind".

Facebook. The official timeline cover of the social networking maestro, Facebook. The world is connected.

Fanta. Cool, hip and fresh. Fanta-stic cover.

Ford Mustang. The legend of Mustang continues with their awesome Facebook fanpage timeline cover.

GoodPop. The icy, juicy and yummy timeline cover of GoodPop, best known for making the most natural frozen pops.

Google. The most popular search engine, Google promoting their brand value with their vibrant timeline cover.

HarleyDavidson. The official timeline cover of Harley Davidson, promising an extraordinary road experience.

Honda. The power of dreams? The power of stories.

Interactivity Marketing. It’s a new age of infographics to rule, even when it comes to Timeline Covers.

Lexus. The official Facebook page of Lexus portraying their "Pursuit of Perfection".

Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz Facebook fanpage with an extremely impressive cover photo and updates.

MTV. MTV promoting their new TV show through their creatively designed Facebook fanpage cover.

New York Times. The amazing timeline cover of New York Times showing the people behind one of the news portal.

Nike. If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nokia. An eye-popping shot embedded as the timeline cover photo of Nokia’s official Facebook fanpage.

Pepsi. Pepsi sharing the joyful moments of their customers through their official Facebook fanpage.

Pixar. Disney Pixar shows their greatest hits on their cover.

PizzaHut. Know what’s hot at the PizzaHut, by looking at its delicious timeline cover photo.

RedBull. An energetic timeline cover of the vitalising energy drink, RedBull. It gives you wings!

SamsungMobile. Samsung Mobile promoting their latest product release through their fanpage.

Spotify. Spotify does the same promo routine too.

Toyota USA. The beautiful and thrilling Facebook timeline cover of Toyota, as perfect as the products they offer.

TraegerPelletGrills. Hot off the grill. Smoking hot. Delicious. OK enough.

Windows. The official Facebook page of Windows, through which they share their latest updates, news and promotions.

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