[Freebie] Pinterest Icon Set

Posted by Harshad

[Freebie] Pinterest Icon Set

[Freebie] Pinterest Icon Set

Posted: 28 May 2012 05:16 AM PDT

Recently we have been covering Pinterest tools, the secret behind how Pinterest works and showcasing some of the inspirational materials you can find on the image-sharing social network. Now it’s time to release freebies that celebrate the newest rising star in the social media stage!

Behold the Pinterest Icon Set!

Each icon is available in 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512. You can use them for personal and commercial use but use them responsibly, and we mean don’t redistribute them without permission please.

pinterest iconset [Freebie] Pinterest Icon Set

This set has been created by the same guys behind IconShock.comWordPressThemeShock.com and WordPressThemeGenerator.com. Take a look at their amazing products (because we promised them that you would).



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Monday Blues: 5 Ways to Counter It

Posted: 24 May 2012 03:01 AM PDT

In studies conducted with US participants, results have shown that suicides are more likely to occur on Mondays than any other weekday, and not surprisingly, the amount of suicides are the least during weekends. It is also revealed that Monday depresses the most people compared to any other days of the week. Seems like there is a reason behind the term ‘Monday Blues’ after all.

monday blues Monday Blues: 5 Ways to Counter It
(Image source: Roberto Mangosi)

It probably wouldn’t come as a shock to you that a UK research also found that most sick leaves are also taken on Mondays. As to why Monday is a particularly moody day, well, it’s pretty obvious that we’d end up a bit down when returning to work, especially after a fun and rested weekend. In reality though, the real reason may be more than meets the eye.

It turns out that Monday Blues could be a case of biological emotional cycles that determine our ‘biological’ moods. In other words, it’s not the negative feelings we have of going back to work that’s making us blue, but periodic mood shifts that go by the week. Fortunately for us, there are a few simple things we can do to help minimize the ill effects of Monday Blues.

1. Have Something to Look Forward to on Monday Nights

What is it that keeps you going from Monday ’til Friday? Weekends! You’d probably be thinking about the weekend getaway with your buddies, daydreaming about the sea breeze and the golden sandy beaches that awaits your arrival; no doubt these thoughts would help make the time pass faster.

The same theory thus, should also apply to your Mondays. Plan something for after work so that you have something to look forward to. Monday is probably just the start of a hard week ahead, so you deserve an exciting event at the end of the day to motivate you while you work.

party monday Monday Blues: 5 Ways to Counter It
(Image source: Fotolia)

If you feel that you’d be too exhausted for a night out, consider doing something at home; something relaxing. Taking a long bath while indulging in soothing music and a homemade aromatherapy session should lessen the stress you are facing at work or after a long weekend, partying.

If you make it a habit to go home to relax every Monday evening, sooner or later you’d not see each Monday as a taxing day. Rather, it will become the day that you’ll long for. Monday doesn’t have to be the most painful day of the week; it is only so, if you focus on it.

2. Prepare Monday’s Work on Friday

This one seems like common sense, but people don’t seem to heed it. It is a case of instant gratification versus delayed gratification. Yes, Friday is the day when we can finally say take a breather and count down to the weekend. But in reality, some of us have already ‘closed shop’ by midday, and simply thinking about plans for the weekends.

The result? We leave Friday’s work to pick up on Monday,and we face a double whammy when we return to work after the weekend.

I suggest that you bring the coming Monday’s work to this Friday. This will not only minimize the dread you’ll face on Monday mornings, but also keep your mind off work during the weekend. At the very least, if you plan out Monday’s workload on Friday, you’ll feel less overwhelmed come Monday. Planning ahead can help you cope with Mondays and maintain your productivity levels for the rest of the week.

3. Socialize

Humans are social animals. Even if you are an introvert and prefer to keep to yourself most of the time, you still need some social contact once in a while. Engaging in a conversation stimulates the mind enough to actually kick-start it for the day. If you dive straight into your work the moment you reach the office, chances are that your brain is still trying to ‘wake up’. Like a car engine, your brain needs to warm up before it can function optimally.

Other sources would suggest waking up earlier, getting some sunlight, or finding something to laugh about, etc. The idea is to freshen up your mind before you start work, so that you’ll get enough motivation and energy to face yet another demanding Monday.

socialize Monday Blues: 5 Ways to Counter It
(Image source: Fotolia)

I suggest socialization here because there’s nothing more invigorating than the exchange of ideas and opinions via conversations. The conversations need not be ‘deep’ in nature; even a simple chat about how the weekend was spent can wake up all your senses and your mind for the day ahead.

4. Reconceptualize Mondays

This one is a little tricky because it has a lot to do mind over matter. Ask yourself: why does Monday have to be blue? Just because everyone says so? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you should ‘reprogram’ the way you see Monday. Monday may be the day we have to drag our feet back to work after an awesome weekend but if you look at it as the beginning of a great week ahead, the thought can empower you and propel you to a great start.

As it is with other things in life, it is a matter of seeing the glass half empty or half full. You can be overwhelmed with all the duties and deadlines you are in charge of, or you can be enthusiastic about the responsibilities and goals thrown upon you.

If this doesn’t work for you, my fifth and final tip, the simplest and most counter-intuitive solution could just be the answer to your Monday woes.

5. Accept It

Monday blues is like a Chinese finger trap; the more you struggle, the tighter it gets. In other words, fighting the blues only makes it worse. The solution to both Monday blues and the finger trap is surprisingly very similar. For the finger trap, you just need to relax your fingers and push them further in. The trap will then loosen and you’ll get your fingers out. As for your Monday blues, just accept that it’s a dreadful day and that you’ll probably feel a bit tired and down.

Think about it: Monday is already a miserable day and you’re still thinking of ways to stop yourself feeling that way? It will only exhaust you further. Why not go with the flow and cope with the stress? Time passes by quickly when you don’t dwell on it.

After awhile you wouldn’t even remember that Mondays are supposed to be blue. It’s just the day after the weekend when we all have to return to work.

How do you cope with your Monday blues? Share your thoughts about the phenomenon and how you cope with the first-day blues in the comments section. Have a great week ahead and Cheers!

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How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Posted: 14 May 2012 12:08 AM PDT

Ever had the problem of getting your iTunes music from your Mac to your Android phone? Copying from one storage source to the other is fine, but it doesn’t need to be a hassle. You can actually set your iTunes to sync between your Mac and your phone with the help of doubleTwist.

DoubleTwist screenshot How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

doubleTwist is a multiplayer application almost like your iTunes on Mac. It can play music and video, but it also has a photo gallery and it makes syncing iTunes to your Android so much easier.

1. Download DoubleTwist on Mac

To start syncing iTunes on your Mac with your Android phone, download doubleTwist for Mac on your machine and doubleTwist App for Android on your phone.

Firstly, download doubleTwist for Mac on your Mac machine and open the DMG file from your download folder, follow through with the drag instruction.

DoubleTwist for Mac How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Now open your Applications folder on Mac and open the doubleTwist application.

DoubleTwist application folder How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Since this is your first time installing doubleTwist, you will be prompted with a warning since the application is downloaded from the Internet. Click ‘Open’ to proceed.

DoubleTwist download warning How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Now the ‘End User License Agreement’ will pop up, read through it and click on ‘Accept’.

DoubleTwist Agreement How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Once you have accepted, and the download is complete, you can start using DoubleTwist to play music on your Mac, view photo albums and watch videos too.

2. Download DoubleTwist on your Android phone

Go to the Android market and search for doubleTwist for Android to download it into your phone.

DoubleTwist on Android How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

When the download is complete, open the application and tap on the ‘Continue’ button to continue to the main screen.

DoubleTwist Android 2 How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

You will have an option to email the Mac and PC download link to your email Inbox, if you have not downloaded the application on your computer.

3. Connect Android with Mac

When installation is done on both your Mac and Android phone, use your phone’s USB cable to connect the two devices. On your Android phone screen, you will be prompted to select the connection type; select ‘Disk Drive’.

DoubleTwist diskdrive How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

Once connected, you will be able to see a new storage button on your Mac screen.

DoubleTwist Android Storage How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

4. Sync your Android storage

Your installed doubleTwist application recognizes your Android storage, so when you open your doubleTwist application, you will see an instruction to sync your iTunes music with your phone. You can choose to sync music, photos and videos.

To sync music, select ‘Sync music to device’. Choose to sync all music and click on the ‘Sync’ button to proceed.

DoubleTwist sync device How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

When the process is done, you will be able to check if the sync process was successful. On the left menu of doubleTwist on your Mac, there is a device menu name which refers to your android phone. In this example, it is ‘HTC Android Phone’. Click on the submenu ‘Music’ to check on your music list.

DoubleTwist music list How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]

When your music list is updated, you can now listen to your music from your Android phone.

DoubleTwist play android How To Sync ITunes From Mac to Android [Quicktip]


With doubleTwist, now you can easily sync your iTunes music with your Android phone without having to copy music from your computer to your Android phone storage all the time. Not only that, you are also getting a multiplayer application where you can play music, watch videos as well as view photo galleries.

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