Get discounts on magazines with the Play Newsstand sale

Posted by Harshad

Get discounts on magazines with the Play Newsstand sale

Get discounts on magazines with the Play Newsstand sale

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 07:26 PM PST

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

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Not sure if reading a magazine on your phone or tablet works for you? Well, in honor of Google's Play Newsstand launch on Android, the search giant is offering more than 60 free or discounted magazines for you to try out.

Play Newsstand is actually a combination of Google Currents and Play Magazines. Having two separate app identities didn't make much sense, so it's nice to see Google wrap them together so quickly in comparison to its other services. That's right, I'm looking at you, Google Voice and Google Talk/Messenger/Hangouts.

Ready to check out the selection? The quickest way to scope out your choices is to visit this link.

However, if you forget to... [Read more]


Handy Android apps for hassle-free holiday travel

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 04:52 PM PST

Travel can be stressful no matter the time of year, but the holiday season always seems to be worse. You're stuck managing multiple reservations for flights, hotels and car rentals, facing long lines at security, and, depending on where you're traveling, there's often a looming threat of a snowstorm grounding your plane.

Luckily, we have technology to do some of the hard work for us. While nothing can make airport lines any shorter, I've highlighted three Android apps that can help take the edge off the rest of your travel woes.

Editors' note: If you're looking for iOS travel apps, check out Jason Parker's roundup.

TripIt helps you organize all your travel plans and reservations.

(Credit: Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET)

Tripit (Free, 99 cents for ad-free version) Your trip is all planned out, and now your inbox is brimming with confirmations for flights, hotels, and rental cars. Enter Tripit, a freemium service that corrals all the dates, confirmation numbers,... [Read more]


Dropbox spruces up its app for iOS 7

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 10:32 AM PST

Dropbox version 3.0 for the iPad.

(Credit: Dropbox)

Dropbox has a new look and new feature-set on iOS 7.

The company on Thursday launched version 3.0 of its mobile application, complete with a new design that mimics the look and feel of Apple's iOS 7. In addition, the application has added iPad functionality that allows for tapping on files and photos to toggle to full-screen mode. Dropbox has also promised that its revamped application will be faster than previous iterations.

In addition to the standard bug fixes that come with new app updates, the redesigned Dropbox features support for Apple's AirDrop. That means users can wirelessly save their files from other devices in the Dropbox running on their iPad or iPhone. Dropbox has also streamlined PDF viewing.

The new Dropbox is available now in Apple's App Store. Like the previous iterations, it's a free download.

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Google Play warms up to tablet-friendly apps

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 09:07 AM PST

Google Play now features a "Designed for tablets" section.

(Credit: Google)

Google Play is now a little more tablet friendly.

The Android maker on Thursday announced that the Google Play store now includes a category called "Designed for tablets." Tablet users will see the category as their default view in top lists but can still switch the view to all apps and games.

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Google announced that it would be making the Play marketplace more tablet-friendly earlier this year. In addition to its new tag, Google added a "tablet optimization tips" section to its app Developer Console. Developers can check the new section for any issues that might prevent their app from getting the "Designed for tablets" tag. Once those issues are resolved, the app can the... [Read more]


Adobe's Photoshop-Lightroom deal open to all comers

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 09:53 AM PST

Adobe wants photography pros and enthusiasts to sign up for a subscription that bundles Lightroom, Photoshop, and other services for $10 a month.

(Credit: Adobe Systems)

Adobe Systems' $10-per-month photography software subscription is open to anyone for the next two weeks, a significant expansion of a program that previously was only available to those who already use Creative Suite products.

The original deal required people to own Photoshop Creative Suite 3 (CS3) or later. The new deal lifts that restriction, addressing criticisms from photographers who were interested but didn't qualify. While the original deal is open until the end of the year, the new offer is available only through December 2, Adobe said in an announcement Wednesday.

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