Clever & Funny Puns Art By Nabhan Abdullatif [PICS]

Posted by Harshad

Clever & Funny Puns Art By Nabhan Abdullatif [PICS]

Clever & Funny Puns Art By Nabhan Abdullatif [PICS]

Posted: 06 Nov 2013 07:01 AM PST

Nabhan Abdullatif possesses the ability to draw people towards his artwork, because he has the best puns on Earth and best of all, he carries out his puns with his illustrations. In this post, we will feature 12 of his illustrated puns that will put a smile on your face.

design with pun
(Image Source: Nabhan Abdullatif)

Name your favorite or your own version in the comments section below!

A Cup of Tea. Sir, this is the cup of tea you ordered. This tea is our special-Tea.

a cup of tea

Chocolate. Oh Choco, you so late! Again!


Ice Skating. Want to go skating with ice?

ice skating

Jam Session. Just strawberry, orange and lemon jamming (ah-ha!)

jam session

Joystick. Such a joyful…. er… stick.


Just In Case. Just in case you don’t know, this is "just in case"… now how should I explain this?

just in case

Mood Swings. Oops, looks like someone’s mood is in full swing today.

mood swings

Smartphone. They’re called smartphones for a reason, you know.


Sweet Dreams. A sweet has sweet dreams about some sweets? Well that’s sweet.

sweet dreams

Take Off. If that plane doesn’t take off soon, it’s going to take off too much!

take off

Under The Sea. Oh, wow. The little mermaid deserves better than this.

under the sea

You Can Count On Me. For really complicated math problems, you know who to call.

you can count on me

Wanted to have more pun-tastic fun in your head? Just head over to Nathan’s DeviantArt gallery for more!


A Look Into: CSS4 Image Set

Posted: 06 Nov 2013 05:01 AM PST

The emerging trend on HD screens for computer devices has changed the way we build websites, including how we add images. In the past, we can simply use background-image and set the image URL.

Today, this is no longer relevant, since we also need to provide an image that is optimized for higher resolution displays or the image will look pixelated or blurred. So, technically we need two sets of image, one in regular size and another twice the size.

(Source by Arief Bahari)

In our previous post, we have discussed using Media Query to serve images in high DPI screen. However, the downside of using this approach is that you need to separate CSS rule for a single selector in different locations. In the case where you have a bunch of background images to insert, things could get too complicated and hard to maintain.

So, in this post, we are going to look at an alternative way of doing this. We are going to look into CSS Image Set.

CSS Image Set Function

CSS Image Set function, image-set(), is classified as CSS Image Level 4. By using this function, we can insert multiple images which will be set for normal and high-res display.

Apart from that, this function is also trying to deliver the most appropriate image resolution based on the connection speed. So, regardless of the screen resolution, if the user accesses the image through a slow Internet connection, the smaller-sized image will be delivered.

At the time of this writing, CSS Image Set is experimental. It is only supported in Safari 6 and Google Chrome 21 and is prefixed — -webkit-image-set().

This function is declared within the background-image property, while the background URL is added within the function followed by the resolution parameter (1x for normal display and 2x is for high-res display), like so.

 .selector { background-image: -webkit-image-set(url('../img/image-1x.jpg') 1x, url('../img/image-2x.jpg') 2x); } 

As said, since it is experimental, we need to provide a fallback for the browser that does not support image-set() function. So, we add one background-image at the top, like so.

 .selector { background-image: url('../img/image-1x.jpg'; background-image: -webkit-image-set(url('../img/image-1x.jpg') 1x, url('../img/image-2x.jpg') 2x); } 

We have created a demo page for this code, which you can see from the following links.

Final Thought

image-set() function seems to be a promising solution for serving images in high-res. But, with the current limited browser support, image-set() is not ready to be implemented in a live site. In addition, the implementation could be changed along the way in th enear future. For further reference on this function you can head over to the documentation page at W3C.


16 Stunning Fireworks Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Posted: 06 Nov 2013 02:01 AM PST

Ever since fireworks were used in China during the 7th century as a symbol of celebration and the welcoming of a new year ahead, fireworks have been an integral part of festivities. No matter where you travel, surely you have seen grand fireworks displays, and the countless professional photographers that lay in wait for the explosions to hit the skies.

Fantastic Fireworks Displays Wallpapers

Why not have beautiful skies populated with amazing fireworks explosions as a desktop wallpaper? Here are a total of 16 fantastic fireworks displays from around the world for you to grab. While at it, do share with us some of your favorite fireworks wallpapers in the comments section!

Holiday Fireworks in Singapore. Available in 1920×1200.

Holiday Fireworks in Singapore

Fireworks Night in France. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks Night in France

Red Square in Moscow. Available in various sizes.

Red Square in Moscow

Fireworks in Atlantis The Palm. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks in Atlantis The Palm

Over The Bridge Fireworks. Available in various sizes.

Over The Bridge Fireworks

Nature vs Man in Vancouver. Available in 1440×900.

Nature vs Man in Vancouver

Fireworks in London. Available in 1920×1080.

Fireworks in London

Fireworks Landscape at Opera House. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks Landscape at Opera House

Dubai Cities. Available in 1920×1080.

Dubai Cities

Castle Fireworks in France. Available in various sizes.

Castle Fireworks in France

London New Year Fireworks. Available in various sizes.

London New Year Fireworks

Animated Fireworks. Available in 1920×1080.

Animated Fireworks

Budapest Hungary. Available in various sizes.

Budapest Hungary

Fireworks in Central Park. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks in Central Park

Eiffel Tower French Day Fireworks. Available in various sizes.

Eiffel Tower French Day Fireworks

New Year Fireworks in Japan. Available in various sizes.

New Year Fireworks in Japan



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