15 Stylish iPhone 5/5s Docks That Make Charging Easier

Posted by Harshad

15 Stylish iPhone 5/5s Docks That Make Charging Easier

15 Stylish iPhone 5/5s Docks That Make Charging Easier

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 07:01 AM PST

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was recently with colorful cases for the latter, but you may not be aware of another release – iPhone docks, one of each. These docks are available in the obligatory white, in a simple and with minimal design. However, the Lightning to USB cable is sold separately and you can’t dock your phone with the case on.

If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, have a look at some of the alternatives out there. We have gathered here 15 stylish docks for the iPhone 5/5s. Some designs are sleek and stylish, to complement the iPhone while others are practical and thoughtful.

15 Stylish iPhone 5/5s Docks

You’re sure to find one that would fit in with your needs, desktop or personal style from this list, or if you have other docks that you think should be listed here, share your thoughts in the comments.

HiRise for iPhone. An iPhone stand that holds your iPhone high enough so that you don’t have to dismount the phone to answer a call or read a message. This stand is compatible with many protective cases as well and won’t block the mic, speakers or the headphone ports. [$34.99]

HiRise For iPhone

Grove Dock. This beautiful dock is made of steel and bamboo, thereby making it sturdy. It is also fairly easy to set up without any tools. [$99.00]

Grove Dock

Elevation Dock. A product that would fit in perfectly anywhere, thanks to the level of crafstmanship involved. Your iPhone will stand at 9.5 degrees with the lightning port right at the bottom securely holding and charging it. [$79.00]

Elevation Dock

Dock+. A solid steel dock with a simple design that you can assemble and disassemble easily. It supports an iPhone 5/5s with a case too. [$90.00]


Core. A unique and small docking station that enables you to charge your iPhone using a lightning cable (sold separately) while syncing/charging another device via its USB port. Core has a solid build and is equipped with rubber feet to ensure the dock stays firmly in place. [$49.99]


Capdase Versa Stand. This attractive dock comes with a unique structure that allows you to wrap your charging cables neatly around its cylindrical shapes, made of high-grade silicone. The silicone will prevent your iPhone from slipping off the surface you have it on. [$20.99]

Capdase Versa Stand

iPhone 5 Brushed Black/Silver/Red. This dock is made of anodized aluminum and available in 3 different colors. It’s small, beautiful and compatible with an iPhone with a protected case on. [$34.95]

iPhone 5 Brush Black/Silver/Red

Podi-m. This is a sturdy and elegant dock, which looks like the perfect match for the iPhone 5. It also comes with a movable adapter that ensures an easy docking experience. [$69.99]


EverDock. A single docking solution that works with any phone including Apple iPhone 5/5s. It will remain firmly planted on any surface thanks to its micro-suction technology. [$49.00]


iCrado Pro-X. Due to its wide surface area, you don’t have to worry about taking off your iPhone case. Its metallic body helps in enhancing both the audio and mic quality of your iPhone as well. [$19.99]

iCrado Pro X01

Saidoka. Using a USB port or adapter as the power source to charge your iPhone, Saidoka is your ultimate charging companion. There is also a set of micro-suction rails to ensure your dock stay firmly in place. [$29.95]


RokDock iP5 Stand. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, this dock is rock solid. It has an adjustable rubber that provides a wider space for docking – perfect for an iPhone with a case. [$99.99]

RokDock iP5 Stand

KiDiGi Rugged Case Compatible Dock. This dock has a simple design and removable insert, making it compatible with an iPhone with or without a protective case. The dock is equipped with a flexible lightning connector to avoid any damage to your phone port. [$44.95]

KiDiGi Rugged Case Compatible dock

MIXIT ChargeSync Dock. Available in many different colors, this charge/sync dock will not take up much space on your desk. A four-foot long cable is also included. [$39.99]

MIXIT ChargeSync Dock

OCDock Mini. This dock will blend in nicely with your Thunderbolt or iMac display. According to the official website, its iPhone cable is also the tiniest in the world. [$79.00]

OCDock Mini


40 Classy Uses Of Monogram Logos

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 05:01 AM PST

Monograms have been around since the time of Ancient Greece, but flourished in the late 19th century when companies across industries, most notably the fashion industry, began adopting monograms as their logos. A popular and enduring element of monograms is the usage of letters found in company names to form visually memorable acronyms.

Major fashion brands adopted monogram logos designed to convey luxury, exclusivity, fine workmanship, originality, taste and style to their wealthy customers. Then industrial brands and corporations began adopting monogram logos.

In this post, we are featuring compelling monogram logos of the old and tested, as well as new and uprising online brands in software, photography, wine, architecture, art or design.

Louis Vuitton








Sarah Appleby

McGah Family Cellars

The Old County

Yassine Bentaieb

Sean Heisler

Casa do Texto

J. Herwitt



Fried Frères


Dalius Stuoka

Ginaldi & Marino

Herb Lubalin

Dream Catching


Laura Zacarias

Bandora Holdings

OM Productions

Price Tag

IZ Studio

Negative Reality

Flying Horse

Test Tube



Alter Ego

Wood Manufacture Sosnin

Victoria and Albert Museum





Five One Design

With continuous application in contemporary graphic design practice and the versatility to work across industries, the art of monograms has clearly stood the test of time. If you are in search of a logo for your brand or organization, will you consider designing a monogram logo?

Editor’s note: This is a contributed post by Jo Sabin, blogger & community manager, in collaboration with Anghelaht, a logo designer on DesignCrowd. Anghelaht is a former economist turned designer who loves tracking the latest logo design trends. Follow him on Twitter.


Be A Web Developer From Scratch Video Course [Deal]

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 04:01 AM PST

Although there are plenty of great services online that let you build without knowing code, there is always a limit to what the service (and hence, you) can do. However, if you know code, you can step out of that box and let your creativity take you to places where you have never been. But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves.

Want to learn to code? You might like what we have for you in this Deal.

Become a Web Developer from scratch with this video course which contains more than 230 video lectures and over 40 hours of actionable content. You will learn:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • XML
  • jSON,
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • MySQL database
  • HTML5 / CSS3

The instructor for this bundle is Victor Basos, web developer and designer with 6 years of experience, having worked with developmental companies in various countries.

At the end of each chapter, Basos will show you how to put what you’ve learned into practical use – in building an app from scratch! Better yet, the source code is yours to keep and can be downloaded.

Along with that you have a support team who are at hand to answer your questions within 24 hours, as well as an awesome community to bounce your ideas off. The course is accessible on the iPad, iPhone and computer and is now available at $39.99 (79% off).


Quickly Preview Localhost Project with Sublime Text

Posted: 22 Nov 2013 02:01 AM PST

During developement, we would often go back and forth between the browsers and code editors to view the result of our code. If you are working in Sublime Text, you will find that files will open in the browsers with a file:// protocol.

But If you are developing a PHP-based website, you have to view your site under HTTP protocol, thus file:// will not work in this case. The same is required when you want to test your website in Adobe Edge Inspect otherwise, you can’t preview the site on mobile devices.

If you are using Sublime Text, we would like to give you a quick tip that could streamline your workflow when working on a project. You can quickly preview your website in the browser under a HTTP protocol. Let’s check it out.


The first thing you need to do is to install SidebarEnhancement. It is a Sublime Text plugin that adds several new functionalities in the SublimeText sidebar. You can install this plugin with Package Control.

But if Package Control does not work for you, you can install it through Git by running the following command line in Terminal.

 cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages git clone https://github.com/titoBouzout/SideBarEnhancements.git 

Once installed, you will find several new options when you right-click on the sidebar. You can view your project in a browser by selecting Open in Browser. This will open the files in the browser with file:// protocol, as mentioned.

To change this so that it will open with an HTTP protocol, right-click on the project folder, and select Projects > Edit Preview URLS. It will open a JSON file named SidebarEnhancements.json in a new tab.

In this file, we will specify several things: the project path, the testing URL, and the production URL. here is an example:

 { "/Users/thoriq/Sites/project": { "url_testing":"http://localhost/project", "url_production":"http://www.project.com" } } 

The first line in the example specifies the project folder path in the computer. url_testing specifies the testing of URL or the development URL. In my case, a testing URL usually starts with localhost.

Lastly, the url_production specifies the production URL, this is the URL that puts the website online and allows it to be accessed through the Internet.

In addition, you can also add multiple projects, like so.

 { // 1st Project "/Users/thoriq/Sites/project": { "url_testing":"http://localhost/project", "url_production":"http://www.project.com" } // 2nd Project "/Users/thoriq/Sites/project2": { "url_testing":"http://localhost/project2", "url_production":"http://www.project2.com" } // 3rd Project "/Users/thoriq/Sites/project2": { "url_testing":"http://localhost/project3", "url_production":"http://www.project3.com" } } 

The Shortcut Keys

There are shortcut keys to make this easier for you: hit F12 to open project files in testing URL, and Alt + F12 to open the project in production URL.

To change keys (in case of conflict in use), go over to Preferences > Package Setting > Side Bar > Key Bindings – Users, and make your changes there. Add the following codes and change the values in the "keys" string.

 [ { "keys": ["F12"], "command": "side_bar_open_in_browser" , "args":{"paths":[], "type":"testing"} }, { "keys": ["alt+F12"], "command": "side_bar_open_in_browser", "args":{"paths":[], "type":"production"} } ] 

For example:

 [ { "keys": ["command+shift+r"], "command": "side_bar_open_in_browser" , "args":{"paths":[], "type":"testing"} }, { "keys": ["command+shift+d"], "command": "side_bar_open_in_browser", "args":{"paths":[], "type":"production"} } ] 

That’s it. Now, you can open your project in a browser under the HTTP protocol quickly using the shortcut keys. Just make sure that your localhost server is running. If somehow you cannot make this work, or have some trouble in applying this tutorial, feel free to pose your question in the comments below.



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