40 Breathtaking Examples of Springtime Photography

Posted by Harshad

40 Breathtaking Examples of Springtime Photography

40 Breathtaking Examples of Springtime Photography

Posted: 15 May 2013 08:01 AM PDT

Spring is an amazing season. It brings nature back to life. The best thing to shoot within springtime is the wide range of beautiful flowers that appear. Spring paints nature in bright vivid colors of pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, and all the combinations you would not even dare to imagine. There is just so much beauty to capture.

Today we’d like to embrace spring and let it embrace you. We have collected 40 breathtaking examples of springtime photography showing the wonders of this season. Photographers captured flowers, landscapes and breath-taking flora in order to show off the true beauty of spring. You may be inspired to take a few spring shots yourself.

When you do, try to imagine how they could better represent the atmosphere of spring, by experimenting with light, colors and angles, like how it is done here.

1. Red desire (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

2. Spring (Image credit: Zeljko Kujundzic)

3. Spring Time (Image credit: KittyNN)

4. Spring Celebration (Image credit: Florent Courty)

5. Tulips (Image credit: Caroline)

6. Spring (Image credit: Dimitar Dachev)

7. Kaczence (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

8. Green (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

9. Lilac (Image credit: Caroline)

10. Pink spring (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

11. Sundown (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

12. Spring Hearts (Image credit: April Bright)

13. Wild Flowers (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

14. Loneliness (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

15. Kolysanie (Image credit: Barbara Florczyk)

16. Color Splash (Image credit: Lipstickmisfit)

17. 10000 views (Image credit: Suzana)

18. Early Spring (Image credit: Maayke Klaver)

19. Spring (Image credit: Sora Belle)

20. Spring (Image credit: Minko2312)

21. Spring (Image credit: George Kirk)

22. March Magnolia (Image credit: George Kirk)

23. This is spring (Image credit: Maria Amme)

24. Spring (Image credit: Courtney Brooke)

25. Spring is in the air (Image credit: Amanda Michael)

26. Spring Spirit (Image credit: Tabuteaud Sébastien)

27. Spring Awakening (Image credit: Eva)

28. Spring in Moscow (Image credit: Roman Sayko)

29. Spring (Image credit: Abby Martell)

30. Spring Blossom View (Image credit: Shizuko Miyake)

31. A touch of Spring (Image credit: Adrian Sandor)

32. Sea of Spring (Image credit: Olivia Bell)

33. Spring (Image credit: Dainius)

34. Mystic Spring (Image credit: Tayfun Eker)

35. I turn to you (Image credit: Suna Gokturk)

36. Cromatique (Image credit: Diana Grigore)

37. Spring in the Air (Image credit: Ildiko Neer)

38. Welcome Spring (Image credit: Ildiko Neer)

39. Spring (Image credit: Agnieszka)

40. Spring (Image credit: Kira Winters)


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A Look Into: Google Web Font Effects

Posted: 15 May 2013 06:01 AM PDT

Over the years, we mainly style the font for the size or the color, and it was only recently that we can add text shadow with CSS3. There are times when we need more styles for more stunning fonts, but it would very complicated to create by ourselves. Replacing it with images is still not that good an option.

Adding Stunning Effect with Google Webfont

Here’s some good news. Google Webfont has introduced a feature, which allows us to apply decorative font styles – without the hassle. There are currently over 25 font effects we can apply.

To add the effect, we insert effect= parameter followed by the font effect API name in the Google Web Font stylesheet. In the following example, we added ‘Multiple Shadow’ font effect, which is specified with shadow-multiple (API name).

 <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed&effect=shadow-multiple' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> 

Then, we simply add the class name to apply the effect to the font. The class name is specified with font-effect-* followed by the API name. Given the above example, the class name for Multiple Shadow effect would be font-effect-shadow-multiple.

 <p class="font-effect-shadow-multiple">This is Awesome!</p> 

This is how the Multiple Shadow font effect looks.

In case you are wondering how this effect is achieved, you can inspect the stylesheet, which will show you the following style rule.

 .font-effect-shadow-multiple { text-shadow: .04em .04em 0 #fff,.08em .08em 0 #aaa; -webkit-text-shadow: .04em .04em 0 #fff, .08em .08em 0 #aaa; } 

The multiple shadow effect is achieved with CSS3 text-shadow property, so the effect will only be displayed in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Internet Explorer 9 (and earlier versions) does not support text-shadow property, but it has its own rule to define shadows with Shadow Filter.

Adding Multiple Font Effect

We are allowed to add multiple effects to the stylesheet. In this example, we added three font effects at once: Multiple Shadow, Emboss, 3D. Each effect is separated with the pipeline sign |, as follows.

 <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed&effect=shadow-multiple|emboss|3d' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> 

Here is how the Emboss font effect look.

And below is the 3D effect that we’ve just added.

It is worth noting that we cannot add multiple effects into a single element, as the effect style rules will overwrite one another. Furthermore, you can head over to the demo page to see these effects in action.

Further Resource

In Google Webfont documentation you will see the other font effects you can apply, such as Fire, Fire Animation, Neon and many others.


Falling Stars &#38; Meteors Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Posted: 15 May 2013 03:01 AM PDT

If you are an avid stargazer, you probably own your own telescope or will actually venture to strategic spots around the world to catch a glimpse of the meteor showers that grace the skies in certain months of the year. If however, you are stuck in larger cities and a decent falling star display is a very rare treat, make do with these wallpapers of falling stars and meteors.

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday is dedicated to these beautiful sights for the night skies. Brace yourselves. 12 spectacular falling star and meteor wallpapers are coming up.

Meteor. Available in 2560×1440.


Fire Rains In The Red Desert. Available in 2480×1748.


Falling Meteor. Available in 1536×1024.


Meteors Blue Planet. Available in 1920×1200.


Meteor Shower HD. Available in 1440×900.


Raining Meteors. Available in 2560×1600.


Falling Stars. Available in 1600×1200.


Meteors Shower. Available in 1440×900.


Fall From The Stars. Available in 1366×768.


Fall. Available in 1200×676.


Beautiful Meteor. Available in 2560×1600.


Manipulation Sky. Available in 2000×1250.




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