[Giveaway] 5x Pixa – Awesome Image Organizer For Designers

Posted by Harshad

[Giveaway] 5x Pixa – Awesome Image Organizer For Designers

[Giveaway] 5x Pixa – Awesome Image Organizer For Designers

Posted: 29 Nov 2012 05:33 AM PST

Want to find an even faster way to find and share images straight from your folder with friends, clients or peers over the Web? Bugged by seeing your screenshots all over the place? There should be a single app that lets us organize all our different file formats under the same roof and we’re sure you’d like to stop guessing or memorizing color hex code just to get the color just right.

Pixa is here to give you all that. Pixa is a powerful image organizer that can help you keep your images and designs organized, and easily searchable. It also has a few tricks up its sleeves that will bring a smile even to a designer on a 24-hour deadline.

And in today’s giveaway, we are giving away 5 copies of Pixa, courtesy of Shiny Frog.

Here are ten features we like:

  1. Retina ready
  2. Hashtag search
  3. Supports bulk renaming
  4. Pixa autotags info (like color, text and size) for you
  5. Metatags make item searches swift, fast and accurate
  6. Preset your regular templates as a ready-made template
  7. Build your own Libraries to separate work from pleasure
  8. Sharing available on social networks and Cloud storage
  9. Loupe tool lets you pick out and copy colors, pixel by pixel
  10. Gives you a few quick formats your work can be exported, with just one click.

And we’re just warming up. To win yourself any one of the 5 copies that is going out in this giveaway, follow the instructions below.

How to Enter

Using the Rafflecopter widget below, or click here.

  1. Login via your Facebook account / Email Address.
  2. Like Us on Facebook (if you aren’t already a fan)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find out how else you can earn entries (and a higher chance of winning) in the widget. [More info]

Contest ends 7th December 2012. Good luck!

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Geeky Gal

Posted: 28 Nov 2012 08:06 PM PST

Earlier we had a post on 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geeky Guy and since this is the age of tablets and smartphones, it’s no surprise that we also see many geeky gals out there. If you have a girlfriend, wife, best friend, mom or sister who is the ultimate geek (or even just a little bit geeky), we have some cool Christmas gift ideas to share with you.

Check out the folowing 10 gift ideas that are set to help you show some love to the geeky girl (or woman) in your life. Full list after the jump!

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

Love a girl who loves 8-bit? Then, give her a unique 8-bit flower bouquet to brighten up her day. She can put it on her work desk or hang it up on her bedroom wall.


The flowers (and the vase it comes in) is about 13 inches tall and is the perfect gift for someone who loves but can’t keep flowers alive long enough. But you love her all the same, don’t you? [$14.99]

Polaroid Z2300

Photographers can let down their hair with the Polaroid Z2300 which lets you take fun photos and print them in the form of photo stickers in less than a minute! Want color filters and borders? You got them. And this little baby can also record videos, and lets you crop photos before printing them.


Copies of the photos are kept in the SD Card so you can share it online as well. Grab it with 10 prints of premium ZINK paper which don’t need ink refills and are waterproof. [$160]

Holga iPhone Lens

Got an iPhone and want to shoot Instagram-like photos? Here’s how you can view the world through a filter before you shoot the photos. This Holga Lens is an iPhone 4/4S case with a cool rotating disk housing 9 different filters which include lenses that give you 2 to 4 identical images in a frame, color filters, a macro lens, and a vignette filter called the Holga Hole.

Holga iPhone Lens

Just slip the case on and rotate the lenses over your phone’s camera lens while you snap away. The case is comfortably lightweight and the old rotary dial look is simply endearing. [$30]


It’s a robot. It’s a pet. It’s Karotz, your all-in-one (and incredibly cute) Wi-Fi enabled personal assistant. And your alarm clock, radio, home security system, voice recorder and more. Oh, so much more.


You can program it to do more than a hundred things including (but not limited to) giving you personalized weather and traffic reports, be your eyes and ears at home (via live cam feed) when you are not around, send you an email photo of your child when he or she gets home before you do, or even read a storybook to your kids until they fall asleep. [$129.99]


If you want to setup a party with karaoke and dancing, you will definitely love the AppSing. It works with your smartphone, iOS or Android, and a third-party karaoke app. Just plug in your smartphone onto the microphone holder, start up your song and sing to your heart’s content.

Secret Decoder Ring

The speakers will be broadcasting your vocals to the immediate vicinity. Just sit three judges down, get yourself some contestants, a host and a willing audience (with some free popcorn) and you’ve got yourself a karaoke competition. Perfect for the girlfriend who loves to sing ballads or Christmas classics. [$63.63]

BANDAI Smartpet

You want to get your niece or daughter a pet but you know that she doesn’t like picking up after them. How about getting her a pet that doesn’t need feeding, washing or walking but can still give you hours of fun? This is the premise for the Bandai Smartpet – it’s a robot dog!

BANDAI Smart Pet

Built by the same company that gave you Tamagotchis in the 90s, the Smartpet is a 450g furless puppy that has your iPhone as a face. You can feed it, play with it, check its stats, and It can also do tricks, sing songs, and dance and play with a fellow SmartPet! How adorable is that? [$82.00]

Documents Laptop Bag

The ladies love bags but make this Christmas a special one by getting her a document folder laptop bag. Complete with the iconic top flap, two end zippers and the loading umbrella icon, this is ideal for the girls who bring their laptop everywhere they go.

Documents Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is available in three sizes: 13", 15" and 17". If you follow the link, you can also find links to a yellow My Document folder laptop bag and a My Photo folder camera bag. [$30.00]

Solar Window Charger

Know a girl who loves the environment? Then help her go green with this solar window charger, made by XDDesign. Available in blue, silver and green, this solar charger is black on one side and sticks to the surface of a glass window for maximum solar exposure.

Solar Window Charger

Charging is possible at home, in the office or even in the car. It’s also the perfect companion to keep your phone charged for when you are outdoors or nowhere near a power plug. [$90.00]

Balloon Lamp

Here’s a fun way to light up a room. And those balloons are real. They just envelope an LED lamp bulb that can run over 100 hours on just two lithium ion batteries. Best of all is that you can change the color of the light just by changing the color of the balloon.

Balloon Lamp

The lamp comes with a fixture that you can hang from a side wall or from the ceiling to give the illusion of a floating balloon light. There are no electric cords to worry about; to turn it on or off, just tug on the balloon string. [$76.00]

Roku 2 XS

Got a girlfriend who knows her way around TV series and the latest movies? Get her the Roku 2 XS and keep her home for Christmas. Roku features 1080p HD video of the latest TV shows, hottest blockbusters and live sports events from more than 600 channels like Netflix, Crackle, HBO GO, Hulu etc.


If she’s also a casual gamer and music lover, Roku comes with Angry Birds, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Play games with the Roku remote, or play unlimited songs on the Net. [$99.99]

For the Couples

So the cold winters of Christmas aren’t going to stop you from being a warm romantic at heart; and you want to declare your love to your other (half) geek. You can always get a double dose of our list above. Otherwise, here’s another 3 gift ideas.

iCufflinks & iNecklace

Inspired by Apple, this gorgeous, pulsating on/off button on the iNecklace and iCufflinks make the perfect couple accessories for the Apple couple. What makes it even more unique is that the circuit board can be hacked, so you can reprogram exactly how you want the lights to flash. [iNecklace: $75; iCufflinks: $128].



These stylish, water-resistant bands are making it their lifelong mission to get you get UP and move more. By tracking your movement level, sleep patterns and diet plans, UP wristbands remind you and your girl to stay active, nudge you out of sleep, and improve your diets. Available in three sizes and seven colors. [$99.99].



Regardless of whether you’re an Instagram fan or not, you’ll probably want to have one of this around, especially when everyone is snapping family photos over the Christmas family dinner. It streams and displays Instagram photos on the fly, by being connected to your Instagram account over Wi-Fi. There are new models where speakers and Facebook integration are included. [$199]


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Share And View 200+ File Formats With Jumpshare

Posted: 28 Nov 2012 07:49 PM PST

There is a particular limitation to file-sharing tools and cloud storage services that is a setback – they do not support the viewing of different file types (formats) on their website. This is particularly a problem with files which require Adobe series, Microsoft Office or other applications to preview. Alternatively, you will have to download the file without a preview.


With Jumpshare however, you can view over 200 files on an ordinary web browser. What’s cooler is that you can view all these files on the mobile browser, iOS and Android. At this moment, there are no user accounts available which means you do not have to register in order to use the Jumpshare service.

Start Using Jumpshare

It is really simple to start, just head over to the Jumpshare website to start uploading your files. At the main page, you’ll be greeted with an uploading box where you can drag and drop more than 1 file.

Jumpshare Drag And Drop

You’ll then be redirected to a unique link where you can see the files that you have uploaded then share this link by email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can press the Upload button at the top to upload more files to this unique link.

Jumpshare Unique Link

With that provided link, anyone with access to it can download, open and view the contents of the supported file type with a desktop or mobile web browser.

Jumpshare On iPad Mini

View Multiple Files With A Web Browser

Jumpshare supports browser-based previews for over 200 file formats including PSD (Photoshop Data File) files.

Jumpshare PSD

You can also view presentation files like PPT, PPTX and other office documents.

Jumpshare PPT

It also supports multiple Audio filetypes (MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC), Video filetypes (MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG) and tons of Image filetypes.

Where It Falls Short

Jumpshare is still in the Beta stages which is why you cannot create a user account to manage your uploaded files. Because files cannot be managed by a user account, anyone who has access to the unique link can download or view whatever important files you have uploaded onto Jumpshare.

Uploaded files must be less than 100MB and will remain on the unique link only for 2 weeks from the day you uploaded it. During this time, there is no way to retrieve this unique link if you happen to misplace it but once the 2 weeks are over, your files will be deleted from the site.


Jumpshare is a handy website for people who want to present a file through a web browser without having to install a specific program to view the file. However, be wary that whoever has access to this unique link can view and download the uploaded file. Other than that fact, the big number of files that Jumpshare supports makes it a unique file-sharing website.

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