Wake up to Pandora and smell the free Spotify

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Wake up to Pandora and smell the free Spotify

Wake up to Pandora and smell the free Spotify

Posted: 11 Dec 2013 05:52 PM PST

Pandora gets alarm clock function

(Credit: Pandora)

(iOS, Android)

Earlier this year Pandora added the Sleep Timer function to their mobile app so Pandora listeners can fall asleep to their favorite stations. Now users can also wake up to their beloved tunes with the new Pandora Alarm Clock feature. No longer are music lovers having to settle for the stock alarm clock with its limited selections (Thanks to iOS, quacking ducks now enrages me to no end). This long-awaited and much-welcome feature comes with the standard alarm clock package: timer and snooze functions -- and even ties in with the Sleep Timer.

Read the release and check out the instructions on this nifty feature.

Spotify mobile now serves up free music to everyone

(Credit: Spotify)

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Google Play Books gets an Android punch-up

Posted: 11 Dec 2013 10:58 AM PST

Google Play Books (Android) now lets users upload e-books from mobile devices.

(Credit: Google)

Heads up, bookworms: the Google Play Books app for Android has received a noteworthy update.

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An enhanced version of Google's official e-reader app has started rolling out this week, bringing some nifty new features.

Key among the changes is the capability to upload files directly from a phone or tablet. As some know, this was previously only available for the desktop Play Books experience. It's worth noting, however, that uploading only applies to EPUB and PDF files.

Additionally, the app now lets readers open up any e-book in landscape mode. This is surely welcome news to tablet owners who w... [Read more]


Mario Kart-like Angry Birds races into iOS

Posted: 11 Dec 2013 05:05 AM PST

(Credit: Rovio)

Rovio, the mobile developer behind the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise, has launched a Mario Kart-like racing game for iOS.

The title, dubbed Angry Birds Go, puts some of the franchise's characters into soapbox cars, allowing gamers to kart-race around different tracks. The game is somewhat of a milestone for the franchise. All previous titles have been 2D. Angry Birds Go is the first 3D world for the franchise.

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Firefox for Android ups its game in version 26

Posted: 10 Dec 2013 10:37 PM PST

On Tuesday, Mozilla launched an update to its flagship browser, Firefox, bringing some new graduates from the Beta channel. The latest addition to Firefox for Android adds the Home screen, which helps improve access to frequently visited sites in a swipeable menu. You can now swipe between Bookmark, History, and Reading List screens when you open a new tab -- as you already can with Opera and Chrome.

Tapping the upper-left corner now brings a slide out menu that holds your opened tabs, similar to Windows 8. The final noteworthy bit users will notice is the curve-in to the main URL field; Australis, Mozilla's long-awaited unified design for mobile and desktop looks like it's making its first step toward stable release.

Finally, Firefox also added Bing and Yahoo! as search engine options under browser settings. You can download Firefox for Android here.

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