Star Apps: Chris Garneau

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Star Apps: Chris Garneau

Star Apps: Chris Garneau

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 12:18 AM PST

Don't let the title fool you. Singer/songwriter Chris Garneau's third full-length, "Winter Games" (iTunes) is far from child's play in terms of subject matter and musicianship. But if you've ever heard 2006's "Music For Tourists" or 2009's "El Radio," then you already know that.

On the new album, released in November, the classically-trained pianist and singer, whose previous music has been featured on hit TV series "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" and in Pedro Almodovar's 2011 film "The Skin I Live In," captures the spirit (and the tone) of the season not through egg nogs and yule logs, but through personal and secondhand childhood stories about abuse, abandonment, and atrophy. Sure, the topics are dark, but Garneau's soothing singing voice and lulling sounds are still comforting. This is the album you want to listen to in its entirety on a snowy day, curled up on your couch while burning yule logs or watching them over the Yule Log app.

Garneau: App I want for Christmas is...

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Download.com caught up with the 31-year-old singer with the old soul about the new album, his new agrarian life, his favorite apps, and the app he wants for Christmas.

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