5 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

Posted by Harshad

5 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

5 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

Posted: 27 Dec 2013 01:50 PM PST

Lose weight, stop smoking, save for a new house, organize your life: Your resolutions are set, and you have every intention of keeping them -- at least until life gets in the way. Don't give up on your goals before February, instead download a few apps that can nudge you in the right direction and coach you to stay on track.

I've rounded up five apps that can help you keep your resolutions, from quitting smoking to whipping your budget or body into shape. Share your favorite goal-oriented apps in the comments below.

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(Credit: Mint)

Mint (Free) For managing your budget and savings goals, my favorite service is Mint. This tried-and-true app connects with your bank account, credit cards, mortgages, and loans to track your spending by type, such as food, medical, or entertainment. You can set exact budgets for each type of purchase, and Mint will alert you when you go over. As you use the app more and more, you'll get a strong sense of where your money goes every month and how you can cut back.

My favorite feature in Mint is the savings goals. You can set a goal for anything you want to save for, be it an emergency fund, a new car, or a vacation -- just enter in the amount you need and set your due date. Mint then tells you how much to set aside each month and lets yo... [Read more]


Star Apps: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' cast

Posted: 26 Dec 2013 10:11 PM PST

Folk singer Llewyn Davis was having a really bad patch. He got his good friend's wife knocked up (pre-Roe v. Wade), he got knocked out by a stranger in a back alley, his manager dropped him, and he lost his home and his friend's cat -- all in the same week. When all else fails, the title character and troubled troubadour of the Cohen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis," convincingly played by Oscar Isaac ("Drive"), who's just floundering in 1961 Greenwich Village, piggybacks on a road trip to Chicago to audition for a music mogul.

Co-starring Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman, "Inside Llewyn Davis," which also features regular Cohen Brothers' collaborator and music producer T-Bone Burnett, is perhaps most memorable for its Oscar-caliber tracks, beautifully delivered by Isaac.

Davis (played by Isaac) is killing them softly with his song. But his career is already going up in smoke.

(Credit: Alison Rosa ©2012 Long Strange Trip LLC)

Downoad.com chatted with Oscar Isaac and T-Bone Burnett about the film's greatest technical challenge, the shortcomings of the MP3, and how things would have turned out differently had Llewyn Davis owned a smartphone.

What was the greatest technical challenge of the film? T-Bone Burnett: They wanted to make a film about a musician and they wanted as much detail as they could get about the musician. Therefore they wanted to film him abso... [Read more]



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