Save San Francisco from mutant cheese and celebrate the DNA double helix

Posted by Harshad

Save San Francisco from mutant cheese and celebrate the DNA double helix

Save San Francisco from mutant cheese and celebrate the DNA double helix

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 02:46 PM PDT

Mutant Muensters are on the loose! Who do you turn to for help when killer cheese aims to destroy San Francisco? That is the question Genentech poses on the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix by Dr. Francis Crick and James D. Watson.

In Ralph's Killer Muenster (available for iPad) the game charges you, the user, to track down the runaway mutant cheese that escaped containment. The twist is the devious muenster is quickly spreading and mutating into different strains. Solve puzzles using genetic methods and scientific processes (Read: match symbols and shapes) to track down each strain and save the city before it's too late.

A leader in the biotech field, Genentech is known for their pioneering work with synthetic human insulin in the fight against diabetes and for the discovery of multiple cancer drugs. Besides making super drugs, the biotech giant recently partnered up with design firm Ideo to release Ralph's Killer Muenster. The goal of the project is to spark an interest in science in kids, while allowing them to have fun. The quirky game was released on the anniversary of the DNA structure's discovery, 60 years ago. It's a milestone that fostered countless innovations and advances in the fields of biology and medicine.<... [Read more]


How to move Google Authenticator to a new device

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 09:54 AM PDT

Two-step verification can help thwart malicious attacks against your online accounts. Anyone trying to break into your account would need both your password and the mobile device that authentication codes are sent to in order to gain access.

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Google has done a splendid job of providing options for those who are interested in setting up this extra security measure: you can get text alerts, or you can use Google's authenticator app, available for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.

When using the app as your method of authentication code delivery, you may wonder what happens when you want to retire an old phone for a new one. Or, you may have misplaced your device and want to disable the service as a precautionary measure. Here's ho... [Read more]


Transfer files between Android and OS X with Droid NAS

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 09:00 AM PDT

Before I bought a Macbook Air, I began to fear the hassles that could potentially come with sharing files between my other devices, particularly my Android phone. What's the easiest way to transfer files between my two most beloved devices? Droid NAS is one elegant solution.

(Credit: Photo taken by Eddie Cho)

Droid NAS lets you send files back and forth between your Mac and Android phone. The app makes this possible via Wi-Fi and the built-in Bonjour protocol inside OS X.

Download and launch Droid NAS from your Android phone. Make sure that your Android device and your Macbook or Mac are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There are three basic profiles to choose from, each with different levels of security.

Once you hit "Start Server," your phone should appear and function in Finder just like a storage drive.

The Droid NAS settings allow you to change the name of the server, choose a new Finder icon, restrict access by users, and choose which profiles to load when connected to different Wi-Fi networks. You can also change the name of the server, swap out the Finder icon, and set restrictions to prevent unauthorized access from unknown users. If you frequently connect to different Wi-Fi networks, you can also create custom profiles to use in ... [Read more]


How to customize the new Start screen in Windows 8.1

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 08:45 AM PDT

You can more easily tweak the Start screen in Windows 8.1.

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

The Windows 8 Start screen is largely a love-it-or-hate affair. But even those who aren't too keen on the screen may welcome the new ways you can customize it in the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Right off the bat, Windows 8.1 offers a dedicated Customize button for the Start screen where you can tweak a variety of settings. Right-click anywhere on the Start screen to display the app bar and click on the Customize button. You can also right-click on any tile to open the Customize view.

The screen dims slightly. You can now drag and drop any tile to another spot on the screen. Moving a tile by dragging and dropping is nothing new. But in this Customize view, you can't accidentally open an app by clicking on or tapping its tile.

You can select multiple tiles by clicking on them, and then drag and drop all of your selected tiles en masse to another spot. There's an array of other options that can be run on multiple tiles.

You can unpin them from the Start screen, uninstall them, resize them, turn off any live tiles, or just clear the selection. You also have more tiles sizes from which to choose. Certain tiles offer a choice of small, medium, wide, and large. You can enlarge the ti... [Read more]


Windows 8.1 Preview: What you need to know

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 07:13 AM PDT

Windows 8.1 Preview provides a window into the future of Windows

Those of you eager to check out the new Windows 8.1 Preview have a few choices as to how and where to install it. Let's cut right to the chase and review the different options.

Update Windows 8 If you're already running Windows 8, you can simply update it to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store, as CNET's Jason Cipriani explained earlier this week.

One word of warning before you proceed, however. The Windows 8.1 preview is essentially a beta of the new OS and is by no means a finished or polished version. Therefore, you shouldn't update to Windows 8.1 on your main or only PC. Instead, reserve the update for a spare or non-essential device outfitted with Windows 8.

What's new in Windows 8.1 (pictures)

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