15 Creative Examples of Hadouken Photography

Posted by Harshad

15 Creative Examples of Hadouken Photography

15 Creative Examples of Hadouken Photography

Posted: 07 Jun 2013 08:01 AM PDT

What will happen if humans suddenly have superpowers? Lots of people will be blown away, as first demonstrated by some Japanese high school girls photographing themselves receiving the Makankosappo, a destructive energy wave that throws victims a few feet back.

The world then adopted the trend, showing off their own version of Makankosappo in social media, and even spawning variations in the form of Kamehameha and Hadouken memes.

hadouken photography
(Image Source: Tricycle Studios Blog)

You can learn the Hadouken too! It only takes a camera and a magical pose. Here in 15 amazingly choreographed photos, you can observe how to position yourself as the blaster, and as the victims. Choose your victims well: friends, colleagues or whoever’s bored, and have a slamming good tme hadouken-ing them away!

Makankosappo. So it all started here, a high-school girl casting Makankosappo blows her innocent classmates away. (Image Source: Wikipedia)


Ground Makankosappo. Watch how the energy wave blasts its way into the ground then bounce back upwards into the victims. The advantage is you get an AoE (Area of Effect) damage. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

ground makankosappo

OPR Hadouken. Make no mistake, failure will not be tolerated. If bosses get this superpower, we are all doomed! (Image Source: Ogilvy PR/London)

opr hadouken

Mad Coordinator. Just another regular day in office. She looks creepily calm, in spite of the damage she is unleashing. (Image Source: GannettLocal)

mad coordinator

Double Hadouken. Thumbs up for the retro visual FX! (Image Source: New Politics)

double hadouken

Straight Into the Heart I love the victim’s face expression, but I’m more curious about how the levitating caster will land. (Image Source: Anatoleya)

straight into the heart

Rammy Hadouken. Yep, no students are injured during this cast. Only the teacher who gave too much homework right before the summer holidays. (Image Source: Suffolk University)

rammy hadouken

Wedding Hadouken. You can tell she is going to love her long long time. It’s that or another hadouken! (Image Source: Rob Moors)

wedding hadouken

Sunset Hadouken. Definitely the most beautifully done Hadouken ever. Get nature in on the game! (Image Source: CAPCOM)

sunset hadouken

Practice Hadouken. Practice makes perfect, and Carrie Keagan is keen on it. (Image Source: NY Daily News)

practice hadouken

Am I Doing It Right? The more skilled you are, the less effort you need to exert. He even has a tie on! (Image Source: Harvey Perlman)

am i doing it right

Foursquare Hadouken. Too fast for the camera. (Image Source: Zack Davenport)

foursquare hadouken

Ustream QA Hadouken. Full mark on the pose, the particle effect, and the sweet smile (evil in its purest form) on the face. (Image Source: SeSam)

ustream qa hadouken

Tricycle Hadouken. Well isn’t that a bit OP (overpower)? (Image Source: Tricycle Studios Blog)

tricycle hadouken

Grasshopper Hadouken. It’s not necessarily for victims to take it from the front, take note. (Image Source: Grasshopper)

grasshopper hadouken

Have you done the Hadouken meme before? Share to us how you blast your victims away!


10 Best Time Zone Converters For Desktop & Mobile Users

Posted: 07 Jun 2013 06:01 AM PDT

If you are part of an organization like hongkiat.com, chances are you are working with colleagues all around the world who start and stop working at different hours. Trying to set up a meeting or have a discussion can be a headache to figure out, particularly when you have a hard time differentiating between GMT, PST, PDT and other time-zone acronyms.

Even if there are no meetings to schedule, with an Internet connection you can watch world events like a football match, the Olympics, a keynote or an awards show live on your computer — so long as you can figure out what time it starts locally.

Today, we’ve compiled the 10 best time zone converters for use on desktop or mobile to help you keep track of your global appointments. And if you are an regular traveler, this may even help you pick the perfect time to call home.

1. Time Zone Converter by TimeAndDate

[Web] Time Zone Converter is powered by TimeAndDate which can easily be accessed via your browser to convert time zone in different cities. It also accepts past, present or future dates and allows users to add up to 11 cities for conversion. The converted time can also be copied into an email or note.

Time Zone Converter by TimeAndDate

2. EasyTZ

[Web] EasyTZ comes with a handy world map. Mark the city, or cities, or find them via the search box, then set the scheduled date and time for conversion. You can share the results via link in email or even convert your result to a Google Calendar event.


3. Time Zone Converter by TheTimeNow

[Web] Time Zone Converter helps you find the difference in the time between two cities around the world. Like TimeAnd Date and EasyTZ, daylight savings will be taken into account for conversion and you can convert past and future dates and times as well.

Time Zone Converter by TheTimeNow

4. World Time Buddy

[Chrome Extension] Want to plan and schedule online conferences or international meetings? Try World Time Buddy. It detects your home location automatically, gives you time zone conversion at a glance, and lets you share your converted time via Gmail or Google Calendar.

World Time Buddy

5. Timezone Converter by WM-tool.com

[Firefox Add-on] Timezone Converter is one for Firefox browser users. It can calculate the time difference between a few places all right from the corner of your browser. Beats having to open up a new tab just to figure the time difference out.

6. Timezoner – Sexy Converter

[Mobile – iOS] Here’s an iOS app for fast time conversion straight from your iOS device. Just set the time and date of the timezone you want to convert, Timezoner can easily convert time from any timezone into your local time.

Timezoner - Sexy Converter

7. TimePal

[Mobile – iOS] TimePal is another free iOS app that allows you to plan a cross-border meet-up. Just set a date and time for a meeting and share it with your co-workers in other countries. They will receive the time in their respective local times and dates.


8. TimeZone Converter

[Mobile – Android] Here is one for Android users. In just a few taps, you can convert the time from one timezone source to another destination timezone, half a world away.

TimeZone Converter

9. Time Zone Converter

[Mobile – Android] Time Zone Converter consists of a huge database of 1200 cities for time zone conversion. Just search and add a city to compare the local time zone with the selected city time zone.

Time Zone Converter

10. Timezone Converter

[Mobile – Windows Phone] Yeah, Windows phone users, here’s one for you. Timezone Converter is a Windows phone app that allows you to schedule overseas conference calls, webinars and phonecalls to friends and relatives in convenient times.


Phishing Attacks And How To Prevent From Being Hooked

Posted: 07 Jun 2013 03:01 AM PDT

Editor’s note: This is a contributed post by Abel Wike. Abel is web content manager at ClickSSL.com, well-known global leader in providing SSL security solutions to thousands of happy customers.

Cybercrime has shown its teeth in the last five years, most predominantly, in the online fraud cases caused by phishing. Have you ever noticed why you are receiving increasing number of spam or fake emails every day? These emails are pretending to be legitimate as they are made to look like they are coming from reputable government institutions, corporate companies, and well-known organizations, when in fact, they are not.

This is called Phishing fraud in which user information like user ID, password, credit card details is acquired during electronic communication, that is, if you give it to them. Phishing mail contain links to websites that are highly infected with malware, with the intention to bring users to the website and extract confidential details from them.

Lines of Attack

Email spoofing and instant messaging are a few types of Phishing fraud which frequently leads users to give out their details on a fake website. The fake sites, look similar to legitimate websites so you aren’t paying attention, you could fall for the trick. There are three techniques of phishing:

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing targets chosen group like people from same company or organization instead of throwing thousands of emails randomly. They go up against upper-level targets. In Spear Phishing, the evident source of the e-mail is likely to be a person within the receiver’s own organization and generally, a person who holds authority.

Clone Phishing

In this technique, a hacker uses the contents and receiver’s address from a legitimate, previously sent mail to a receiver, except this time the content has been replaced with a phishing link, and a fake reply to address.


Whaling involves a web page or email that pretends to be a legitimate. Their target: senior managers in private companies who are in the position to disclose secret company information. Whaling attack emails comprise of a legal summon, consumer complaint, or managerial issues that require an urgent reply from the receiver.

How Phishing Attacks Harm Your Business

Phishing is a serious crime in the cyber world. Due to Phishing, there may be

  • financial loss
  • data loss
  • blacklisting of institutions
  • introduction of malware and viruses into a PC or a computer system
  • illegal use of user’s details
  • misuse of your social security number etc

The phisher can also take a user’s account details and open a new account on the name of the user for financial gain. Phishing can even be used to ruin someone’s life by misappropriating and misusing their personal details.

Phishing Attacks in 2012

According to Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), phishing activities have been increasing and most phishing websites are hosted in the US. In the last three months in 2012, an average of over 25,000 unique phishing email reports were reported to the APWG. Plus, the number of unique phishing sites detected exceeded 45,000 per month. For more detailed reports before the last quarter of 2012, click here.

phishing in 2012

Financial services and payment services are common targets for phishing fraud but also stated in the report is a 12% hike in reports of phishing in online games. Gaming credentials are stolen by hackers and game items they have acquired were sold in the black market for actual cash. Also affected are the identities of the gamers.

Protection against Phishing Attacks

It is advisable to keep our eyes open against phishing. Here are some steps that might be helpful to prevent you from being part of the statistics.

Two-Factor Authentication

Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple’s iCloud and possibly Twitter (soon) is using two-factor authentication. In this process you login with a password and a secret code you will receive on your mobile phone so unless the hacker has access to your mobile too, having just your email and your password is not enough to break into your account.

gmail 2 steps verification

HTTPS instead of HTTP

HTTPS is a more secure protocol than HTTP as it encrypts your browser and all the information you send or receive. If you are looking to make online payments or transactions, opt for an HTTPS website. Such HTTPS websites are equipped with SSL (secure socket layer) that creates a secure channel for information transition.

Website Reliability

With Phishing, hackers can create a similar website with a normal-looking login page where users enter login details or even credit card details. Therefore, before entering login details users has to check the padlock appeared on the top or bottom of webpage.

It indicates that user is communicating with the real website. Many websites have EV (extended validation) SSL certificates that turn address bars into a green bar so users easily get idea about authenticate websites.

Anti-Spam Software

With use of anti spam software user can reduce phishing attacks. Users can control spam mail thus securing himself from phishing. These software can also help with browser hijacking, usually finding the problem and providing a solution.

Hyperlink in Email

Never click hyperlinks received in emails from an unknown or unverified source. Such links contain malicious codes and you be asked for login details or personal information when you reach the page you are led to from the hyperlink.

email phishing

Always run a search of the association’s name and click in from the search results.


With a firewall, users can prevent many browser hijacks. It is important to have both desktop and network firewalls as firewalls check where the traffic is coming from, whether it is an acceptable domain name or Internet protocol. It is also effective against virus attacks and spyware.

From the above discussion, it is sure that with some essential prevention steps users can secure their confidential information from phishing expeditions. SSL is also an important part of online security that protects user against phishing attacks.


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