Star Apps: Jason Bateman

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Star Apps: Jason Bateman

Star Apps: Jason Bateman

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 05:34 PM PDT

Jason Bateman is best known for his acting: "The Hogan Family" and "Teen Wolf 2" if you grew up in the '80s, and "Arrested Development" and "Identity Thief" if you're watching him now. But he's also been recognized for directing. Bateman ran an episode of the "The Hogan Family" at the age of 18, thus becoming the youngest person inducted into the Directors Guild of America (DGA). Recently he has capitalized on both talents with the feature film "Bad Words," in which he plays Guy Trilby, who ruthlessly hijacks a children's spelling bee without explanation. "Bad Words" is currently playing in select cities and opens nationwide on March 28.

Jason Bateman (pictured on the set of Bad Words) was once the youngest director in the DGA.

(Credit: Focus Features)

You were the youngest director in the DGA, for directing an episode of "The Hogan Family." Yeah, they called me the week I was doing that, and I was pretty giddy about that. They said I had beat Malcolm-Jamal Warner by a couple months and Steven Spielberg by a couple more months, which was pretty neat.

That must have felt amazing -- to beat out Malcolm-Jamal Warner. That was a treat to be able to do that at that age. I had been looking at the director's chair for a long time. My dad was a big fan of film and would take me to the ... [Read more]


Use Link Bubble to open links in the background on Android

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 04:55 PM PDT

While many apps are starting to display in-line media (showing content of a link without opening a new window), this capability isn't omnipresent across Android. Instead, when catching up on one of your feeds, like Twitter, you have to click the link, and then wait for it to load in Chrome. Link Bubble is an app that seeks to bridge the gap between your apps and the Web by letting you queue up a link to read when you're finished catching up on social media or RSS feeds. It's similar to when you open tabs in the background on your desktop Web browser that you intend to read when you're finished with the primary task at hand.

Ready to check it out? Let's get started:

Note: Link Bubble only works on Android 4.1 and higher.

First you'll need to grab a copy of Link Bubble for your Android device.

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

Before using the link loading capabilities of this app, you should adjust one of the settings. Open Link Bubble and then tap the Settings icon in the top-right hand corner. Under the first choice, Auto content display, uncheck both options and then press OK. This will keep links loaded in the background, instead of popping them up over your current app.

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole C... [Read more]


GDC 2014's virtual-reality highlights

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 12:10 PM PDT

Eddie Cho looks at the latest developments in immersive gameplay, including the second version of the Oculus Rift dev kit, Project Morpheus, and the Virtuix Omni controller.

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Papers, Please dominates IGF Awards at GDC 2014

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 08:50 AM PDT

Many great indie games and AAA titles featured at GDC 2014 were collaborative efforts from highly talented individuals. But Papers, Please proves that there is still room in the gamers' hearts for lone-wolf developers. With an usual narrative, Papers, Please captures the emotional toll of working as an immigration officer in a fictional dystopian country. Using detective skills and powers of observation, players can allow or deny refuge for immigrants trying to get into the nation of Arstotzka.

A dystopian document thriller

(Credit: Lucas Pope)

Lucas Pope drew from personal experience as an American living abroad and applied the skills he acquired at Naughty Dog working on the Uncharted series, creating a gem of a game unlike any that we've seen. The IGF judges agreed, awarding Pope with Excellence in Design, Excellence in Narrative, and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize (IGF's highest honor). Check out the other winners below.

Solve puzzles in this lovingly hand-illustrated world

(Credit: Jason Roberts)

Excellence in Visual Art ($3,000)

Gorogoa (Jason Roberts)

... [Read more]


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