Start Google Now with your voice on the Galaxy Note 3

Posted by Harshad

Start Google Now with your voice on the Galaxy Note 3

Start Google Now with your voice on the Galaxy Note 3

Posted: 24 Jan 2014 04:55 PM PST

Handsets with the Google Experience Launcher, like the Moto X, allow you to launch Google Now by simply saying "OK Google." To add this functionality to most Android phones, you'd have to install the Google Launcher, which would override the launcher currently in use (even custom ones).

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you don't have to override your current launcher to get convenient access to Google Now; the always listening feature is built-in, it's just pointed to the wrong app (S Voice). By using one app, S for Switch Voice, you can use the default Note 3 voice command, or the Home button, to launch Google Now. Here's how:

Note: This shortcut application is not perfect. You will likely still see the S Voice app for a second before you are forwarded to the Google Now app. However, it does offer a convenient way to wake the phone up to the assistant you want to use, instead of to the app Samsung has designated for you.

The settings menu for S Voice.

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

Before installing the app, open S Voice by pressing the Home button twice, then press the menu button. You will see a s... [Read more]


Juice Cubes: Rovio's cute take on a familiar puzzle game

Posted: 24 Jan 2014 01:44 PM PST

Chances are good that you've played this sort of game before.

(Credit: Rovio Stars (screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET))

So, you've completed every level of Angry Birds known to man and now you're looking for something else to while away your free time. What's next, Candy Crush Saga? For many casual gamers, that answer is yes. But, before you go down that road, take a look at Juice Cubes, a matching game from Rovio, the developers behind the wildly popular bird-flinging franchise.

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Top apps to boost your privacy

Posted: 24 Jan 2014 11:41 AM PST

Privacy on the Internet has become a hot issue. Given all the news about government snooping, user data being breached, and shady apps with questionable permissions, sometimes one is left to wonder just how in the heck is it even possible to be the least bit anonymous on the Net? Fortunately, there are many apps out there that help to improve your chances of maintaining some shred of privacy. Granted, these aren't exactly 100 percent PRISM proof, but they're methods that will significantly improve your chances of having a more anonymous experience on the Web.

Do Not Track:

In short, DNT enables users to opt out of Web site tracking services like social network services, analytics, and various ad networks. As of now, many browsers already provide support for enabling Do Not Track within their respective native options. Supported browsers include:

Mozilla Firefox

(Win/ Mac)






Not to be confused with DNT, DoNotTrackMe is a more interacti... [Read more]



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