Path comes to Windows Phone, but it's in beta

Posted by Harshad

Path comes to Windows Phone, but it's in beta

Path comes to Windows Phone, but it's in beta

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 03:45 PM PST

Path's Windows Phone app, still in beta.

(Credit: Path)

Path, the social network for just 150 of your closest friends and family, has finally hit the Windows Phone store, the company announced Friday.

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The app gained popularity first on the iPhone in 2010 and later on Android as a dedicated space to share intimate and special moments with close friends and family, instead of publishing them on wider network like Facebook and Twitter. The app lets you share photos, status updates, your location, your mood, and even what songs you're listening to on your Path timeline. You can also record when you fal... [Read more]


Polamatic 4.0 brings the Polaroid camera experience to iOS

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 12:04 PM PST

With Polamatic, you can really have some fun recreating classic-style Polaroid snapshots.

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

When it comes to consumer photography, perhaps the only thing more iconic than the Polaroid camera is the Polaroid photo. The size, the shape, and especially the white band at the bottom, where you could scribble a quick note about the scene -- for those of a certain age (myself included), it's quite evocative.

Polaroid embraced the smartphone scene a couple years ago with Polamatic, but the app didn't exactly set the photography world on fire. (For proof, see the dismal ratings for the current Android version.) But with Polamatic 4.0 (currently for iOS only), the "official app of Polaroid," the company hopes to bring the iconic style back into focus.

The app deftly recreates the experience of using a Polaroid camera (in ways the old version failed to). When you snap a new photo (or select one from your library), it slides into view with the telltale motor sound of the actual camera. But, what's this, the picture is blank? Just wait a few seconds while it "develops."

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