Google Now notifications now alive in Chrome test version

Posted by Harshad

Google Now notifications now alive in Chrome test version

Google Now notifications now alive in Chrome test version

Posted: 16 Jan 2014 06:05 AM PST

Google Now notifications have arrived in early test builds of Chrome.

(Credit: screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Google, taking a big step in its effort to make Android and Chrome equally good homes for people's digital lives, has at last built its Google Now anticipatory notification service into its browser.

Google Now cards for Chrome are active in the very rough Canary build of Chrome, which is three steps removed from the stable version the company recommends for mainstream use. Not only that, the feature must be enabled by activating the Google Now flag by entering "chrome://flags/#enable-google-now" into the address bar then restarting.

Google has been working on building Google Now into Chrome for more than a year. The unofficial Google Operating System blog spotted its arrival in Canary.

The change is modest in some ways -- users will see a new bell-icon system menu that presents some the cards Google Now shows on Android, including weather forecasts and stock p... [Read more]


Star Apps: David Alan Basche

Posted: 15 Jan 2014 10:38 PM PST

Baby, it's cold outside but still much warmer than it was a week ago when I talked to "The Exes" star David Alan Basche, best known for playing uptight, neurotic Stuart Gardner on the hit TV Land series for the last three seasons. While it's a milder 47 degrees in New York City, tonight, it was a frigid three (according to Basche's The Weather Channel app) when I chatted with the television star from the Big Apple, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Download.com caught up with Basche about this and other favorite apps, the similarities he shares with his TV character, how his Shakespearean training has helped him on the TV Land set, and the important lesson he learned from his young daughter that happens to be tattooed on his wrist.

Actor David Alan Basche has words of wisdom tattooed on his inner-left wrist that his Stuart Gardner character could learn from.

(Credit: JSquared Photography)

How's the weather treating you? It's literally three degrees this morning. But I think I was tweeting that my weather app said that with the wind chill factor, it's 17 degrees below zero.

With the recent cold front, have you been glued to your weather app? Well, I'm not a constant checker kind of a guy. I've even stopped constantly checking my show's ratings. I just figure it's going to be what it'... [Read more]



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