Star Apps: Semi Precious Weapons

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Star Apps: Semi Precious Weapons

Star Apps: Semi Precious Weapons

Posted: 22 Apr 2014 06:07 PM PDT

It's been four long years since Semi Precious Weapons released "You Love You" (2010), the follow-up to its debut, "We Love You" (2008). The LA-based quartet is best known for supporting artists such as Lady Gaga and Kesha, and now it's back with "Aviation," whose kick-off single, "Aviation High," is in heavy rotation on alternative rock radio. The 12-track disc, produced by Grammy-winning, multiplatinum producer Tricky Stewart (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Frank Ocean) finds the band flying from its rock roots into more R&B and pop territory. Semi Precious Weapons talks about coming into its own, developing a new sound for "Aviation," the "lost" album, living and recording together, befriending Lady Gaga, and its favorite apps.

Semi Precious Weapons members Dan Crean, Justin Tranter, Cole Whittle, and Stevy Pyne.

(Credit: Rony Alwin)

Your first two albums were called "We Love You" and "You Love You," so I was surprised to learn that your third would be called "Aviation" instead of "I Love You" or "They Love You." Justin Tranter: We do get that a lot. I just think there was so much time between our new one and our last that it was time for something new.

Can you explain the title? Justin: So much of the lyrics are about looking forward and looking up, and the sky and the stars and being high and all of those things. Also, I think aviation is so gla... [Read more]


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