Star Apps: Berlin's Terri Nunn

Posted by Harshad

Star Apps: Berlin's Terri Nunn

Star Apps: Berlin's Terri Nunn

Posted: 23 Apr 2014 06:05 PM PDT

Seminal new-wave band Berlin has returned to a more electronic sound on its latest release, "Animal," which the band is currently supporting on tour. Part '80s synthpop, part contemporary EDM, the record should appeal to nostalgia seekers and current club kids alike. The racy title track is as sultry as band classics "Sex (I'm a...)" and "Pleasure Victim." Vocalist Terri Nunn talks about the move back to electronica; the successes and failures of her platinum-selling, Oscar-winning band (for "Take My Breath Away" from "Top Gun"); her sex symbol status and posing for "Penthouse" at 16; why she won't work with women; and her favorite apps.

Berlin is touring Animal nationwide this spring.

(Credit: Mad Ink PR)

After releasing several rock records, you've returned to an electronic sound on "Animal." Why? In January 2012, I started an electronically oriented radio show on KCSN, and that really opened my eyes and my ears to everything going on electronically. I knew a little bit about what was going on, but that forced me to listen to everything to program my show.

So many artists inspired me to no end, from Skrillex to Metric to Armin van Buuren. There was so much amazi... [Read more]


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