Man facing jail time for embedding video

Posted by Harshad

Man facing jail time for embedding video

Man facing jail time for embedding video

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 11:07 PM PDT

Man facing jail time for embedding videoBrian McCarthy, the owner of channelsurfing.net, is now facing up to five years in prison after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accused him of linking to copyrighted material.

The site linked to copyrighted material, none of which was hosted by the site or its owner.

Regardless the DHS, along with ICE took the domain, leaving this message:

This domain has been seized by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations, Special Agent in Charge, New York Office.

It is unlawful to reproduce copyrighted material, such as movies, music, software or games, without authorization... First-time offenders convicted of a criminal felony copyright law will face up to five years in federal prison, restitution, forfeiture and fine.

If the government is successful in their case, it could set a precedent that would mean all users who have ever even linked to copyrighted content (sharing a video link via email, etc) could be prosecuted.

You can view the complaint here: New York man faces five years in jail for 'linking' to online videos

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Hulu Plus headed to 'select' Android 2.2 devices

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 03:13 PM PDT

Hulu Plus headed to 'select' Android 2.2 devicesIn January, Hulu announced that its premium Hulu Plus service was eventually headed to Android devices, although it was never disclosed when, or to what devices.

This weekend, the company has updated their devices page with a picture of the Nexus S and a note that says "Select Android OS 2.2 phones" and "Coming Soon."

The Nexus runs on Gingerbread 2.3, so it seems like Hulu Plus will be available on 2.2 and higher devices.

There was no word on Android tablets.

It is unclear what "coming soon" implies, but it is at least good to see the company has not forgotten about its promise for Android phone support.

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Wi-Fi-only Xoom coming on March 27th?

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 01:40 PM PDT

Wi-Fi-only Xoom coming on March 27th?Droid Life has posted a leaked ad from Staples which shows the Wi-Fi-only model of the Motorola Xoom coming on March 27th.

The tablet will have a retail price of $600.

At the leaked price, the Xoom will sell for $100 more than the cheapest iPad 2, which has half the onboard storage at 16GB.

The launch of the Wi-Fi model is most notable as buyers will not be locked down into an expensive Verizon contract if they want to try out the Honeycomb tablet.

March 27th has not been confirmed by Motorola, or anyone else.

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Video Daily: Student sells her spot on iPad 2 line for $900

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 01:04 PM PDT

Video Daily: Student sells her spot on iPad 2 line for $900Amanda Foote, a student at Manhattan Community College spent 41 hours in line at the flagship Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City before selling her spot to an app developer for $900.

Foote began waiting on line at 5pm on Wednesday, and was there (through a huge downpour on Thursday) before giving up the spot to Hazem Sayed at 9am on Friday, hours before the 5pm launch.

Sayed said he was willing to pay the large premium for the spot because he wanted to take the tablet on a business trip for which he was leaving on Friday night.

After the sale, Foote says she will probably use the money to see Lady Gaga in concert.

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Rovio secures $42 million in funding

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 12:36 PM PDT

Rovio secures $42 million in fundingRovio, the developer behind blockbuster sensation 'Angry Birds,' has raised $42 million during a round of funding led by venture capitalist firms.

One of the firms is Accel Partners, which has vested interests in Facebook, Groupon and AdMob, among other mobile or social companies.

Angry Birds currently has 40 million active players across Android, iOS and PC platforms, and downloads have topped 75 million.

Outside of game downloads, Angry Birds plush toy sales have surpassed 2 million, breaking into the mainstream retail channels.

The developer will use the money for "strategic expansions."

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